Edmund Rice Development (ERD) in partnership with Misean Cara

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Edmund Rice Development is dedicated to the liberation of people and communities from poverty and injustice. ERD is committed to transparency and accountability, and to an efficient, effective operation that impacts positively on the lives of people made poor. It supports the international development projects and programmes of its Edmund Rice Mission partners in the areas of Education (formal and informal), Community Development and Advocacy. ERD provides funding, development and capacity-building support to over 40 partner projects, benefiting over 41,000 people each year in 13 countries across Africa, India, Latin America and the Pacific Rim.

Also based in Dublin, Misean Cara supports missionaries working worldwide to empower those left furthest behind. Focusing on education, health, sustainable livelihoods and human rights, they now work in over 50 countries. In each, long-term relationships of deep trust are developed with those they serve. Since 2004, Misean Cara has supported this work through funding, mentorship and accompaniment. Today, 88 separate groups are members of Misean Cara. Representing different missionary traditions and increasingly international in their make-up, they are united in their commitment to eradicate poverty, alleviate marginalisation, help communities overcome crisis, and promote the dignity and well-being of poor and marginalised people around the world. https://www.miseancara.ie/


  • Sama-badjao Women’s Livelihood and Community WASH project: Bato, Leyte Philippines | October 2019 to December 2022
  • Increasing biodiversity and reinforcing mangrove habitats as a natural response system to combat the effects of climate change in the Sama-badjao community: Bato, Leyte Philippines | January-December 2022
  • Compassionate Education for Building and Uplifting (CEBU) Families program: Cebu City, Philippines | October 2020 to December 2023

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