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ERMFP in action

End of Project Evaluation for the Sama-badjao Women’s Livelihood and Community WASH project

The Sama-badjao Livelihood and Community WASH project started…

ERMFPI celebrates the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples with the Sama-badjaos

Bato, Leyte, Philippines (Aug. 26, 2022)- Led by the Sama-badjaos…

Clean-up Drive at Sama-Badjao Community in preparation for the mangrove propagules planting

“The long-term goal is to have a healthy mangrove biodiversity…

Trash for Cash Initiatives in Brgy. Carreta and Tinago, Cebu City

Being surrounded by tombs, the Carreta Cemetery is not an ideal…

ERMFP Programs that fulfill the vision and mission

Compassionate Education

ERMFPI is committed to the principle that learning should not be confined within the four walls of a classroom. The Blessed Edmund Rice story is all about care and compassion for children. It has been greatly moved by the profound realization that those organizations that live from and by this story has their moral obligation not to ignore the plights of children in our world. ERMFPI seeks to work with children, their families and communities so that all children in all its adopted communities are able to participate in meaningful program and projects that will have a lasting impact on their lives in the future.

Health and Nutrition

Although there is quite a handful of Health and Nutrition programs being implemented by Government and Non-governmental Organizations, the Philippines continues to grapple on the issues of malnutrition specially among children. Contextually, there is not much of a difference with ERMFPI’s partner communities. As with other ERMFPI’s programs, health problems are commonly associated with economic concerns and has been part of a complex web of a mirage of consequences. Among other things, poverty is seen as both a cause and consequence of disability. Disability perpetuates poor economic conditions as it may result to discrimination when applying for a job or an

Eco-enterprise Development

The program aim is two pronged: to provide a sustainable income to poor communities and at the same time encourage good practices through upcycling trash to various products. Recognizing that the cry of the earth is not a separate issue to the cry of the poor, ERFMPI takes on the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approach in consciously enhancing the existing skills of the locals and turning household waste into precious raw materials that will develop into a collective Eco-friendly enterprise. Tapping design, branding and marketing experts, the Eco-enterprise Development program addresses both concerns of livelihood and waste management.

Critical Intervention

While disasters continually threaten all people from all walks of life, it is the people at the margins who are being disproportionately affected whenever a disaster strikes. Their struggle is evident throughout history, albeit numerous declarations, standards, policies, and guidelines set by government organizations and other humanitarian actors. In times of crisis, although it is common that affected communities receive assistance through relief operations; food and non-items being provided are generic and inconsiderate of the different needs of the people. There is a glaring need to recognize that people’s needs are not homogenous and inclusive response is crucial during emergency situations.

Social Advocacy

Grounded from the principles of social justice and human rights, ERMFPI is fervent on its belief that justice can never be attained without acknowledging that every human being has this inherent dignity which should be honoured and respected. It takes on a Rights Based Approach (RBA) to development and advocates for a society where no one is being left behind. In all its initiatives, an advocacy component is inherently integrated to expand organized efforts of partners and stakeholders, mobilizing them into action and solicit commitment from duty bearers to act on the problem at hand.

Linkage and Network Building

Building strategic alliances among domestic and international partners and potential stakeholders is ERMFPI’s top priority as this allows access to new knowledge and complementary resources that will ultimately benefit the poor and the vulnerable. In its effort empower communities and liberate lives from the chains of inaccessibility and marginalization, ERMFPI’s mission is to engage in pro-active partnerships, stewardship and community participation in realizing human dignity and social justice.

Resource Development

Primary focus of the program is to develop an effective system of acquiring, maintaining and increasing the resources and creating the conditions for its best use to ERFMFPI. It has five sub-components: a.) Financial Resources b.) Asset Management c.) Human Resource Development d.) Board and Governance e.) Systems and Procedures

Knowledge Management

Tracking the effectiveness and efficiency on everything that We do is non-negotiable. This provides assurance to local and international funders/donors that their support reaches the target beneficiaries. This program establishes an efficient and effective system in keeping and managing institutional information for sharing and tracking program and project outputs, outcomes and impact. Knowledge Management has two major objectives: a.) Increase availability of ERMFPI’s institutional information and b.) Strengthen social media presence

Empowering communities, liberating lives…

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