Compassionate Education for Building and Uplifting (CEBU) Families: Cebu City

Acknowledging that the problem of dropping out of school is both a cause and a consequence of poverty, ERMFPI has formed strategic alliances with agencies and institutions in order to provide the youth in Brgy. Carreta and Tinago, Cebu City a fairer access to educational programs. As for those youth (including those who have dropped-out of school) who are at their working age, they are also being accompanied together with their families in formation experiences that will significantly enhance their well-being through livelihood education; with support for initial livelihood placement. The focus was on the relevant partners to work transition, linking livelihood skills, training, and opportunities with flexible learning options for members of the focal communities. The training and skills provided through flexible learning options, including out-of-school youth, have allowed them to enrol in Technical Vocational Education Training (T-VET). Values formation, sexuality and reproductive health, financial literacy and other relevant life-skill sessions were also incorporated in the project implementation.

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