Sama-badjao Women’s Livelihood and Community WASH project (Basic Literacy and Informal Education component): Bato, Leyte

In 2018, a community profiling was done in Sitio Talitian, Barangay Dolho, Bato Leyte targeting the heads of the families of the Sama-badjao community. During the survey, it was found out that 54.14% of the 109 heads of the families have not attended any kind of formal education while 30.28% have only reached the primary level. This kind of situation has created a loop of exclusion that was handed down from one generation to another.

Acknowledging these realities, ERMFPI intentionally integrated a basic literacy and informal education sessions for 50 Sama-badjao women and a separate sessions for their children ages 6-12 who either stopped schooling or on the verge of dropping-out of school. For over 4 years, Sama-badjao women and their children were taught on how to read and write, they were also able to learn soft skills such as good problem solving and proper decision making. Non-secular values formation and spirituality sessions were also introduced, being conscious of the fact that they have their own belief and spiritual traditions.

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