The DSF initiative was designed as a targeted safety net in providing educational support and health benefits to children. It is “developmental” as it is intended as a means to an end, to encourage participation among community members in the implementation of the project and to motivate school children in going to school. The aim is for the empowerment of children and their families in health-related concerns, with the hope that in the long run, their parents/guardians themselves are able to provide and feed nutritious food to their children. Vegetable gardening was also introduced in this initiative in which their produce will be used in the feeding initiative.

As this initiative is still in its early stage of implementation, there is no denying that resources to get the DSF going are scarce and volunteers to man the operation is limited. From time to time, the Capucchin Sisters of the Holy Family and Servant Sisters of the Holy Spirit along with other religious congregations assist ERMFPI in feeding over 200 children in Barangay Carreta and Tinago, additional support particularly in terms of the ingredients to be used and manpower is still very much needed. As the DSF family grows larger, ERMFPI welcomes those who have the capacity to lend a helping a hand, together let us start a movement that will hopefully cascade into a much bigger social solidarity in the future.

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