Living in stilt houses at the shoreline of Dolho, Bato, Leyte, the Sama-badjao community is one if not the most vulnerable population especially during disasters. During the onslaught of Super Typhoon Odette, their community was severely affected that resulted to houses being washed out in the sea. 82 households recorded as totally and 66 partially damaged due to the devastating impact brought by the super typhoon. Thankfully, no casualties were reported as the community members have already evacuated before Super Typhoon Odette’s landfall.

With ERMFPI’s over four years of experience working with the Sama-badjaos, the organization wanted to delve deeper into building the community’s resiliency and its capacity to respond whenever a disaster strikes. The Sama-badjao’s struggle to be included in the affairs of the larger community has always been magnified ten folds in times of crisis and emergency situations. Marginalized sectors in society, such as the Sama-badjaos have always been excluded particularly in the prevention and mitigation and preparedness phases of Disaster Risk Reduction. They will only be remembered during the onset of natural hazards that will lead almost certainly into disasters.

As of this writing, a concept paper was already developed by ERMPI pushing forward these concerns to potential funders/donors. Any kind of support matters. Help us in building an inclusive and resilient communities for all!!! 

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