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Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit, Philippine South (SSpS)

The Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit – Philippine South (SSpS) belongs to a religious missionary international congregation recognized by the Catholic Church. The SSpS was founded in 1889 by St. Arnold Janssen, Blessed Maria Helena Stollenwerk and Blessed Josepha Stenmans in Steyl, Netherlands and rooted in a Trinitarian Mission Spirituality, with ministries covering […]

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade-Australian Government through the Direct Aid Program (DAP)

The Direct Aid Program (DAP) is a small grants program funded from Australia’s aid budget. It intends to work with local communities in developing countries on projects that reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development consistent with Australia’s national interest. It sits alongside Australia’s longer-term country and multilateral development strategies and with its wide geographical reach plays […]

Christian Blind Mission (CBM)

CBM was founded by Pastor Ernst J. Christoffel in Germany and is one of the world’s leading organization in serving persons with disabilities. CBM works in the most disadvantaged societies, irrespective of race, gender or religion. CBM seeks to reduce the prevalence of diseases which cause impairments, minimise the conditions which lead to disability, promote […]

Edmund Rice Development (ERD) in partnership with Misean Cara

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Edmund Rice Development is dedicated to the liberation of people and communities from poverty and injustice. ERD is committed to transparency and accountability, and to an efficient, effective operation that impacts positively on the lives of people made poor. It supports the international development projects and programmes of its Edmund Rice […]

Compassionate Education

Compassionate Education ERMFPI is committed to the principle that learning should not be confined within the four walls of a classroom. The Blessed Edmund Rice story is all about care and compassion for children. It has been greatly moved by the profound realization that those organizations that live from and by this story has their […]

Sister Clarete-Rosario Foundation, Inc. (SCRFI)

The Sister Clarete-Rosario Foundation, Inc., is a foundation formed by the SSpS as the facilitating entity envisioned as the sourcing-funding entity to financially support the various missional activities of SSpS Philippine South in the areas of Education, Justice and Peace, Indigenous People Formation and Ecology.  The SCRFI has successfully implemented various projects in pursuing its […]